It’s been quite a while, I can’t believe

Unfinished Liz Tay

Elsa Mancheste

Bride sample work

How long it’s been! I’m hoping that I’m going to start up my blog again and stick with it. I’m going to post everything creatively relevant here – Sketches, paintings, garments, the works!
So, I’ve gotten into working with marker, and I’m now in the pursuit of a canvas to remake a couple old works I’ve done. First, you’ll see my latest (Elizabeth Taylor with German phrase) that I did in my Nook cover. And after, you’ll see The Bride of Frankenstein (Elsa Manchester) work I did about a year ago (Next project).
After these, I hope to do a picture of Mia Farrow from Rosemary’s Baby or Betty Davis from Baby Jane. Either way, I’m very excited I’m working with my hands again.

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Balenciaga Fall 2011 Review

Nicholas Ghesquiere showed interesting silhouettes in this season’s collection. The traditional cocoon coat, the lax dresses and the towering high heels seemed all too familiar. The show opened with an interesting take on the puffer jacket. Nicholas fashioned giant pieces of faux leather into a sort of knit fabric, creating a thick shell. A lot of these looks were accompanied with what looked like pleated skirts with a slight flare at the knee. Personally, the skirt seemed to swallow up the models and add a little more hip than the usual body skimming Ghesquiere skirt. To no surprise, Nicholas had strapped his girls into towering spike heeled shoes to strut with; They were fantastic! What was interesting were the bags that he showed! Nicholas hasn’t shown bags on the runway since 2009 Spring during the “alien” collection (personal favorite). Some of the fabric used on the bags that were shown matched those of the skirts and puffer jackets. There were lizards and flowers on some bags, and knitted leather on others. Nicholas did of course peek through the archives again this season. This season Nicholas copied a technique Cristobal Balenciaga used back in the 50s. Cristobal Balenciaga created a dress covered entirely in black plastic rectangular beads. Through a quick view, the beads give the effect of sequins, but it also give the effect of a sort of armor, that Nicholas is so fond of. Nicholas showed lax dresses with pleats and smock like coats. The coats had a similar sleeve effect that Prada used in their Spring 2010 presentation; as if the sleeves have been thoroughly starched. Some of the dresses has interesting sleeve details; the right side would have a sleeve while the left side went bare. The pleating Nicholas is so fond of was gorgeous this season. While the girls walked the runway you could catch a glint of the quilted gold fabric laying underneath, sort of a peekaboo effect. Over all I absolutely adored this collection, Nicholas stopped pushing the boundaries of fashion for a season and just showed everyone something mondane in a new state. Sort of breathing new life into the common garments we are so used to seeing.

(All photos via


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Moschino’s take on Balenciaga

Oh how I love Moschino, but this is heartbreaking.

Today Rosella Jardini, The creative director of Moschino, showed the Moschino Cheap and Chic collection in Milan. It wasn’t too bad, her use of print and satire was right on, as usual. But there was a jacket she showed that reminded me of something I’ve seen before. In 2006 Nicholas Ghesquiere designed a jacket/dress (?) that was voluminous and INSANE on all counts accompanied by 6 inch heeled boots (they had a platform), leggings, and a riding hat. Moschino showed a similar jacket today in a plaid print with pants and boots. I have to admit, I prefer Rosella’s version better, but I like Nicholas’ styling; that fuzzy Moschino hat is NOT working for me, *cough* 90’s *cough.

The pictures are below, what’s your verdict?

(Both photos via Style.Com)


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Christian Siriano Versus The World

Christian Siriano’s collection was GREAT! But there were some looks that I wanted to bring to attention. Some of the techniques he used were similar to past looks from other designers. Not to say he’s imitating or anything, don’t get me wrong. It’s just uncanny, is all.

Before I continue this, I just wanna say I love Christian Siriano and this is no sign of negativity.

First, we have a double lapel jacket. Of course, the first image is Siriano. The second image is fall 2008 Proenza Schouler.

The next outfit was kind of obvious to me…Siriano vs. spring 2010 Miu Miu

The spring 2011 Jil Sander Peplum. Eh, this one is marginal. I just love comparing present collections to past ones.

Agh, I LOVE this look so much. But I keep seeing Armani. Siriano nailed it.

Gaultier Spring 2009 Haute Couture and Siriano

Siriano and Lanvin 2010 fall. There’s a better example, I just couldn’t find it.

Towards the end I saw a lot of Lanvin similarities, the way the drape fell, and the use of the excess fabric as a design detail. I liked it. It was a good collection. I especially loved the pom-pom skirts and the mini-dresses with the black pleated detail.

Let me say this one more time before closing this post,

I am not saying he copied. I’m just noting the similarities. It’s what I do.

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Balenciaga 2011 Prefall

“WOW!” Is all I can say about this. It seems a little more practical than past intermediate collections. Nicolas is really playing with print this season, everything is oversized or very profuse, which I find fantastic!

(All Balenciaga Photos via Fashion Lvr)

I’m analyzing every garment, and see a LOT of archiving work. Here are some notes:
-The shoes on some of the girls, the pointed heel with the ankle strap, have a very reminiscent shape similar to the 2007 fall shoes.
-The look with the grey and black skirt also looks very 2007 fall, I think its the fabric.
-The fur coat reminds me of the coat used for prefall in 2009.
-The shoes that went with the black dress had the curved-shape of the heel from 2009 fall!
-The silver pants with the HUGE pleats on them are so cool! I really would like a pair, I think its a pretty interesting flat pattern detail (minus the leather box pleats, which I will talk about next…)

The box pleats on the skirts are an interesting idea, simple, but really cute. Personally, I think the grey pleated skirts needs to be a touch shorter, the length annoys my eye. I think if it was 1/2 an inch longer or shorter than the coat, it would be perfection. By the way, I’m definitely adding the orange coat and red sweater to my wish list (yeah, good luck getting that). A boy can dream, can’t he?

Are you still with me? I have 2 more notes to add:
-The look with the flat shoes kinda bothers me, it’s very bag lady chic…. *cough* The shoes, I love, I only wish they were one color of leather, the brown and black look throws me off a touch.
-FINAL NOTE: The last look, with the crazy print jacket (which, I love but would never wear), is interesting to me, I would love to see the dress. From what I can see its a plain tunic dress, which looks so pretty with the color blocked detail! I just wish they would have put a different jacket on her, like a plaid jacket or something, since the plaid is only used once in the collection, so far (Still pieces to come, I’m sure). I just feel like that jacket’s print was randomly thrown in, like an after thought. But don’t listen to me yet, I’m sure I’ll be posting about the rest of the garments in the collection, soon.

Question: Have you seen the weird garment lengths this season? I love Proenza Schouler to death, but some of these lengths are questionable:

It’s all so very “WTH”, the styles are BEYOND covetable, but the length is my main issue (except for the last dress photo I posted). There are a lot of women who aren’t as tall as the girls on the runway, and wouldn’t want to draw attention to that with garments that accentuate their short calves, especially at that length, it cuts you off at the legs and makes you look shorter than you really are (So I’ve learned in my studies). But then again, there are many women who are as tall as the glamazons on the runway, so its pretty much toss of the coin who really utilizes this collection. I absolutely love the jackets and shirts, the tops aren’t an issue, it’s the crazy length shorts, skirts, and dresses. Either way, in all honesty, its a pretty collection; Very fluid, very masculine. I liked it…Its just that length that’s driving me up the wall.

And this sweater coat, which I need in my life very soon, is TomBoy perfection!

(All Proenza Schouler photos via Refinery 29)

Well, that’s all for today, I know my thoughts seem a little sporadic, I’ve been a little scatter-brained today. I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll be posting my plan for TOTAL Balenciaga take over, quite soon. I have some thoughts about a collection I’d like to show with His name. (Did you see the capital “H”? Did you get it?)


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Let’s Talk Balenciaga…

As I always do! I haven’t posted anything about the latest collection yet, and I know I’m really behind (I always am). I absolutely loved it, the ambience, the garments, and especially the music. Since the fashion show aired on months ago, I’ve been listening to the runway music that played on repeat.

The garments: The clothing was interesting, especially the final 4(?). Everything was very “classic” (I use that term in the loosest way) with new textile. The Men’s shirt, which has popped up on EVERY runway this season was remade in sheer fabrics that seemed to be woven with metallic yarns. He showed a couple jackets that look as if they were laminated, and even pieced together. When I say pieced together I’m talking about the hounds tooth jackets with the rubber/leather sleeves. The pattern on them looked sewn together, but I could be wrong, that could simply be intricate quilting. The reason I said rubber was because Nicolas is very well known for using unconventional fabrics in a super innovative and largely desired way. Now for the final couple dresses, they looked like they were plastic, they were very stiff! I still have no idea what the fabric was, I look at it and think that it could potentially be some sort of wool; I could be so wrong.
The skirts that were in that show! Wow, those were impressive. He used what looked like very light georgette or a sort of chiffon to make those really interesting shear skirts and shirts. I loved the collection, from the punk hair, to the point toe on the shoes.


Lemme get to the shoes! I absolutely adored them! They looked like creepers! The most interesting thing about it was that Miuccia Prada showed similar shoe styles in her spring 2011 men’s collections and women’s, this season. They’re worlds apart, but the inspiration looks the same, and I absolutely love it. A lot of my friends think that these didn’t need to be on the runway, that high heels need to be worn to have a show look like a REAL show. I agree with them in mostly, but I think Balenciaga can do no wrong in the design process, that everything was on purpose, and I absolutely adored them. Usually I would cringe over a designer using flat shoes, but for this show it worked.


Staying with shoes, I read that Lanvin couldn’t use the high heels they wanted to, because the heel was so thin, and from what I can see, heavy. They were PIN THIN titanium heels pieced to a shoe that has to be like 5 inches high (LOVE). Only a couple of girls were able to walk in those shoes, so that’s why those were only used for the opening number and the rest were some sort of flat. Celebrities have already been seen in these shoes, and seem to be handling themselves just fine on the red carpet, but you know inside they’re thinking about losing their balance and beefing it in front of the photogs.


Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say today, nothing too much to add, I’m about to post another blog about my ~*LAST*~ final of the week before the holidays. This week was hectic.


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Working on the next collection, already

I’ve been watching the ballerina costumes closely lately, since the release of the movie Black Swan, the intricate work simply blows my mind, I’ve come across an amazing video that shows some of the details that are used in making classic tutus for the New York ballet…

This is definitely my next challange, remaking a tutu. I believe I could make something a little more stable, without all the straps, a ballerina generally doesn’t have a chest, but I think a curve at the top would give the garment a little more grip. Experimentation, experimentation, experimentation

I’m thinking tight floor length dresses with a tulle skirt over it, or a stiff short dress covered in white tulle.

Let’s see how this works out. Watch closely.

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