Marc Jacobs sued Ed Hardy for Trademark Infringement

Marc jacobs is in the process of filing a lawsuit against Christin Audigier’s company, Nervous Inc., for trademark infringement of a particular bag shape. These bags are almost entirely the same excluding the color and the design. I wonder what goes though these designer’s minds when they find out their design was copied, or that they copied a design. What do you think about it? An honest mistake? Or a total copy?

I’m on a lawsuit kick right now. Here is another lawsuit, this time involving Balenciaga and Steve Madden; Balenciaga’s infamous “Lego Heel” was copied in 2008 by shoe designer Steve Madden. The Balenciaga company states it was an intentional copy. Balenciaga’s version sold for a little less than $5,000 dollars, and Steve Madden’s ran for a mere $100 dollars. Balenciaga is my favorite design house, and has been since I was younger, but I have to think “Why do they think they’re going to profit? They’re so unattractive”. But of course, that is just my opinion.

Can you tell which shoe is for which brand?

Photo Via New York Magazine

Oh and there’s more about Balenciaga: Nicholas Ghesquiere has copied 2 designers during his reign at Balenciaga. For his 2009 Resort collection he showed a leather jacket, a gorgeous patchwork leather jacket, which was brought to my attention by Addicted To YSL that it was a copy of a popular jacket produced by a company named East West Musical Instruments back in the 70s. The jacket was copied stitch for stitch, the only difference was a smaller collar and the way it fit the body.

On the left is East West, and on the right is Balenciaga.

Its interesting how a designer such as he, who has so many ideas and looks we have never seen before copied a look from another designer, it doesn’t even matter when the original design was concieved, its still a copy.

Here is his other work of plagiarism! He copied a designer by the name, Kaisik Wong. She did patchwork tops and dresses, and he copied her work 100 percent, in every way shape and form. Ghesquière admitted this to Cathy Horyn at the New York Times, stating “I did it — yes.” continuing on with no shame, “I’m very flattered that people are looking at my sources of inspiration.” It makes me wonder about him, is he a total genius or is he working off of someone else? You know?

Anyway, here are the photos, on the left is Balenciaga, and on the right is Wong.

Both photos via

Copying such as this isn’t common in the *HIGH* fashion world, the last I read about anything relative, Giorgio Armani was filing a lawsuit against Dolce and Gabbana for showing a pair of quilted pants in their 2009 Fall collection that Armani showed the same season a year prior, stating “I would understand if they were nobodies. But honestly!”. Dolce and Gabbana replied saying “Surely we still have much to learn. But definitely not from him…Stylistically, the Armani style is not, and has never been, an inspiration source for us and we stopped seeing his fashion shows years ago”. I think it is so interesting, how designers are very protective of their image.

On the left is Armani, and on the right is Dolce.

OH! By the way, many fashion sources called this situation “Trousergate”! Hilarous!

One last story about lawsuits, Yves Saint Laurent was the father of the tuxedo dress in 1966, and rebirthed the creation in 1991. The house sewed a fellow designer for copyright infringement. The company, Ralph Lauren, the reason for the lawsuit, the tuxedo dress (Well, duhh). In the end, both houses won, Laurent was granted $395,090 dollars for “Counterfeiting and Disloyal Competition”, and Laurent was granted $87,720 dollars for defamation of character, all because the chairman of Laurent couldn’t keep his mouth closed. He talked to Women’s Wear Daily on April 11th, 1994, and I quote, “It’s one thing to draw inspiration from another designer; it’s quite another to rip off a design, line for line, cut for cut, which is what Ralph Lauren did.”

WAY TO GO Mssr. Berge (Chairman of Laurent)!

On a lighter note!! I came across a photo of a Spring 2009 Balenciaga dress and Spring 2009 Chanel Haute Couture dress, the silhouette was the exact same, it was so interesting to see something like that,the same year in the same city, two designers creating similar looks, I think its kinda cool. What do you think?

Well, that’s all for today, I just found these stories to be interesting, It tells you a lot about the fashion world.

Tell me what you think about the lawsuits, do you have any other articles that relate? Drop a link.

-Combat Vuitton


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1 Response to Marc Jacobs sued Ed Hardy for Trademark Infringement

  1. annie hall says:

    Art and design belongs to the world, no one controls the designs. fashion designers should be free to design whatever they please. this lawsuit siuation is utterly ridiculous. Marc jacobs himself have copied other designers works for years,especially the women fashion line relating to the fifty’s and sixty’s. high heel pumps , swing skirts sweaters and purses those designs are old and go back to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. no one have call jacobs on that because it is crazy. we loved it when marc brought back the classic fresh female in skirts, dresses , pumps, and handbags, it reminded us of a time when women were simple, classy, elegant and beautiful. i don’t believe that this is jacobs doing, Jacobs doing someone else is behind this pettiness. Jacobs is a man of the world and have never been pety, he has always been all excepting to all and everyone. African and African American can make a call on Jacobs and say that Jacobs have stolen from their culture, but how petty would that be. Ed hardy urban style are stolen from the cool, hip Black American youth as well, with a mixture of european royalty, asians,art and American white whorish females. Ed hardy needs Jacobs to help refine his and cultivate his clothing lines and remove the whorishness, and Jacobs needs Ed hardy for the extradinary design aspects. These two are a pairing made in heaven. the business aspect of louis Vuitton need to stay out of the picture. They are losing Billion haggling over pure and simply pettiness.

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