As New York Fashion Week Comes To A Close…

… I’ve been reviewing the collections again and again, making connections to other designers ideas, and inspirations. I’ve noticed similarities, and references to the past, which many New York designers used as major design points.

Balenciaga made a huge impact on me this week in New York, not the label itself, but the references to Cristobal Balenciaga and Nicholas Ghesquiere’s designs. The cocoon shape that Balenciaga made popular was featured in Jason Wu and Donna Karan’s line. Donna said the collection was a reference to her past designs. And I didn’t really catch where Jason got inspiration. I think both are talented, but the real credit for the shape goes to my god, Balenciaga.

From Left; Balenciaga, Donna Karan, Jason Wu, Balenciaga.

Jason Wu also featured VERY volumous skirts that were tight to the waist, and exploded in the skirt. This is just my opinion, but Balenciaga took over New York!

In order: Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga, Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga, Jason Wu, Jason Wu, Balenciaga

A couple more things, Jason Wu and Carolina Hererra showed similar ideas with gold flecks.

In Order: Carolina Herrera, Jason Wu

What is the resemblence?

And last, Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler showed similar leggings, the length hits the leg in almost the same spot. Proenza’s idea was to show a little leg, like a tease. I think both designers’ collections looked a little school girly; it was Proenza’s intent to do so, and Alexander got his inspiration from Berlin boys and girls. I think its amazing how they looked in totally different areas to come to a similar conclusion.

In Order: Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang.

Well all for tonight.

Talk to me, tell me what else you saw this week.



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