Balenciaga 2010 Pre Fall Collection

WAS not Nicholas Ghesquiere’s best work! I usually follow him through Hell or highwater, but this time, I’d have to think twice. I read that he got inspiration from athletics and menswear, and you saw his love for horror films/science fiction in this collection, the future. I thought the looks weren’t very Ghesquiere. Usually his Pre Fall and Pre Spring collections aren’t as exciting, he doesn’t use print very often, and is very intune to grey and blacks. I’m not going to lie, his collection was innovative, but he did things that weren’t as great as they could have been. He did prints with palm trees on them, which was rather reminiscent of Prada’s Spring 2010 collection. I thought he could have done a better job in creating something new. He designed a sand colored dress that had no darting and no shape, it wasn’t very attractive, the skirt was nice, I liked it, but the top didn’t seem to flow very fell. I really enjoyed the gloves, the were an interesting shape, very creative, oh! And the colored leggings, very 80s in my eyes. Yeah it wasn’t a horrible collection, but I just thought for who he was, he’d have something with more excitement to show. Maybe that’s just who he is, maybe he shows all his innovative and original garments through the actual seasons, and just designs pre collection garments just to make something a little more sellable. I still have faith in him, I’m looking forward to his 2010 Fall collection. Let’s see what kind of adventure he’s going to take us on in a few weeks.

Picture Via Refinery 29

Picture Via Practically Prada Blog



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