Balenciaga Resort 2011

I haven’t posted in a while.

Let’s start. So, a couple weeks ago, I saw the new Balenciaga collection. I LOVED IT!
I read that Nicolas was inspired by Cristobal’s designs he did for some airline stewardesses – really neat. He used a lot of stretch fabrics and suiting techniques. As well as suits, Nicolas designed pants with full legs, as well as skirts with a wide hems. In a combination, there were suits that were slouchy from shoulder to heel, they looked like astronaut suits, I loved it. The prints he used were very deco, in 70s hues and in abundance. One more thing, the SKIRTS!! Some of the shorter skirts had an interesting hemline, it was peaked! Well, enough chatter, here are some photos.

All pictures are from

Oh! By the way, Couture shows started this week. I saw Chanel’s show already, and parts of Givenchy. I’ll be looking for photos tomorrow, I’ll post a couple points of interest. Balenciaga SERIOUSLY needs to start doing couture. Its been 50 years!



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