Marina and the Diamonds!

I love this woman! She’s got the perfect shape! She’s got a small waist, but keeps her curve. I love her to death. This is her latest music video, Oh No!
I have this CD on my iTunes, and I thought I’d share this woman with all of you.

Another reason why I’m blogging about her is because in this music video she wears some pretty popular designers.

In the opening, she is in a multi-pink dress with white stripes by House of Holland! I think she looks great in, by the way!

Later on in the video, she’s sitting at a desk reading a newspaper/magazine wearing a dress with countries drawn all over them, which is a Castelbajac piece! AMAZING! He’s well known for sequin shift dresses with AMAZING sequin work on them.

The next one is a gold dress that you don’t see much of, that too is a Castelbajac, and its actually a credit card! A gold card I believe!

She’s wearing a red bandage dress, and I have no idea who designed it, if you know, PLEASE, let me know. I’m curious.

IN the next scene following the couch scene, Marina is playing with a box of cereal in a jacket and pant(?) combo, which is another House of Holland piece, which was also featured in La Roux’s music video, Bulletproof.

Later on, about 30 seconds later, Marina is laying on the floor with money falling around her in a sequin dollar bill dress. Well, that too is a Castelbajac! Man, this woman knows how to dress.

Well, there’s my rant! If you can name the other garments, let me know. I’ve watched the video 21209102901 times! I hope you enjoy it!



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