In Conjunction…

I’ve been given a project from a class of mine that requires me to post information about a collection I am creating. And I’d like to start with a few colors that I’ve been drawn to for a segment of my line. My line has 4 sections, and the colors I’m going to post are for the final group.

I’ve really been drawn to soft tone purples, metallics, and neutrals.

The colors I am using are all Pantone colors.
The colors’ names are as followed (Clockwise from left):
12-1209 Soft Pink
12-4803 Ice
14-5002 Silver
16-1325 Copper
13-3406 Orchid Ice
18-4432 Turkish Tile
19-3731 Parachute Purple
13-3805 Orchid Hush

My inspiration came from a photo of Elsa Lanchester when she acted in Bride of Frankenstein.
I was really drawn by her face and the way her garment was constricting. This somehow brought me to foot binding, which was a sign of beauty. I really want to use fabrics in a constricting way to give that idea of beauty through a handicap.

And the colors came from a photo I stumbled along; I found it to be quite stunning. I’m still in the starting stages, but I’m sure I know what angle I’m going in.


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