Collection Inspiration has SHIFTED

I know I said I was drawing inspiration from Chinese foot binding (Grotesque, I know) and it was going really well, but I’ve moved into a new direction! And it is going amazingly well. I’m drawing inspiration from the primitive (ity?) of our early human counterparts and creating something that is organic and familiar, and slowly segueing into a more structured design.

I started thinking of the cactus thorn, how if you pull it the right way, a thread-like matter will follow the thorn, creating a needle and thread. Which made me think of out earlier ancestors; how they wore their garments. Primitives wore skins ambiguously; no real shape, no structure to it, just as long as it was on their bodies. I loved the idea of a relaxed silhouette; sac backed dresses and simplified fitting devices.

…As the collection progresses, garments fit closer to the body, more body conscious, symbolizing our comprehension of architecture. It can also be seen as our reliance on technology, the more involved we get, and the tighter the grip it has on us. It reminds me of blown glass, or the pyramids of Giza, you can see the beauty and the hard work put into it; a tortured effect of simplicity and underlying painstaking craftsmanship.

The idea is that we as people came from something primitive, and easy, and how we’ve now become so involved in progressing that we’ve caught ourselves up in technology….

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” ~Albert Einstein


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I'm a fashion design student keeping you posted on the latest trends, designers, and other fashion news!
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