My company’s rationale

Cosme (name of clothing line) isn’t just a clothing line, it is an entity driven towards innovation and quality. Cosme is a brand that thrives on its customers individuality and thirst for fashion. This company is built on the premise of selling more than clothing, we are selling a lifestyle. Women want to feel strong, and that’s what we offer them. Every time a woman wears out garments, we are unleashing a powerful force onto the concrete jungle!

Our garments are recognized for intriguing design and fit. We offer sex appeal, beauty, and empowerment without vulgarities. What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to keep connected with our customer; we are constantly taking suggestions from our customer, creating looks they will want to wear, and potentially increasing sales. Our dresses are our most popular item, our unique shape, line, and fit keeps our customer’s attention.

The aesthetic of this company is fairly minimal. We don’t believe in embroideries or adornments; we as a team believe that our value should be weighted in craft, and skill, not in beads and feathers.



About trendfactory

I'm a fashion design student keeping you posted on the latest trends, designers, and other fashion news!
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