Let’s Talk Balenciaga…

As I always do! I haven’t posted anything about the latest collection yet, and I know I’m really behind (I always am). I absolutely loved it, the ambience, the garments, and especially the music. Since the fashion show aired on Style.com months ago, I’ve been listening to the runway music that played on repeat.

The garments: The clothing was interesting, especially the final 4(?). Everything was very “classic” (I use that term in the loosest way) with new textile. The Men’s shirt, which has popped up on EVERY runway this season was remade in sheer fabrics that seemed to be woven with metallic yarns. He showed a couple jackets that look as if they were laminated, and even pieced together. When I say pieced together I’m talking about the hounds tooth jackets with the rubber/leather sleeves. The pattern on them looked sewn together, but I could be wrong, that could simply be intricate quilting. The reason I said rubber was because Nicolas is very well known for using unconventional fabrics in a super innovative and largely desired way. Now for the final couple dresses, they looked like they were plastic, they were very stiff! I still have no idea what the fabric was, I look at it and think that it could potentially be some sort of wool; I could be so wrong.
The skirts that were in that show! Wow, those were impressive. He used what looked like very light georgette or a sort of chiffon to make those really interesting shear skirts and shirts. I loved the collection, from the punk hair, to the point toe on the shoes.

(via manageyourshapeblog.com)

Lemme get to the shoes! I absolutely adored them! They looked like creepers! The most interesting thing about it was that Miuccia Prada showed similar shoe styles in her spring 2011 men’s collections and women’s, this season. They’re worlds apart, but the inspiration looks the same, and I absolutely love it. A lot of my friends think that these didn’t need to be on the runway, that high heels need to be worn to have a show look like a REAL show. I agree with them in mostly, but I think Balenciaga can do no wrong in the design process, that everything was on purpose, and I absolutely adored them. Usually I would cringe over a designer using flat shoes, but for this show it worked.

(via Olsen-Twins-News.com)

Staying with shoes, I read that Lanvin couldn’t use the high heels they wanted to, because the heel was so thin, and from what I can see, heavy. They were PIN THIN titanium heels pieced to a shoe that has to be like 5 inches high (LOVE). Only a couple of girls were able to walk in those shoes, so that’s why those were only used for the opening number and the rest were some sort of flat. Celebrities have already been seen in these shoes, and seem to be handling themselves just fine on the red carpet, but you know inside they’re thinking about losing their balance and beefing it in front of the photogs.

(Via StyleFrizz.com)

Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say today, nothing too much to add, I’m about to post another blog about my ~*LAST*~ final of the week before the holidays. This week was hectic.



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