Balenciaga 2011 Prefall

“WOW!” Is all I can say about this. It seems a little more practical than past intermediate collections. Nicolas is really playing with print this season, everything is oversized or very profuse, which I find fantastic!

(All Balenciaga Photos via Fashion Lvr)

I’m analyzing every garment, and see a LOT of archiving work. Here are some notes:
-The shoes on some of the girls, the pointed heel with the ankle strap, have a very reminiscent shape similar to the 2007 fall shoes.
-The look with the grey and black skirt also looks very 2007 fall, I think its the fabric.
-The fur coat reminds me of the coat used for prefall in 2009.
-The shoes that went with the black dress had the curved-shape of the heel from 2009 fall!
-The silver pants with the HUGE pleats on them are so cool! I really would like a pair, I think its a pretty interesting flat pattern detail (minus the leather box pleats, which I will talk about next…)

The box pleats on the skirts are an interesting idea, simple, but really cute. Personally, I think the grey pleated skirts needs to be a touch shorter, the length annoys my eye. I think if it was 1/2 an inch longer or shorter than the coat, it would be perfection. By the way, I’m definitely adding the orange coat and red sweater to my wish list (yeah, good luck getting that). A boy can dream, can’t he?

Are you still with me? I have 2 more notes to add:
-The look with the flat shoes kinda bothers me, it’s very bag lady chic…. *cough* The shoes, I love, I only wish they were one color of leather, the brown and black look throws me off a touch.
-FINAL NOTE: The last look, with the crazy print jacket (which, I love but would never wear), is interesting to me, I would love to see the dress. From what I can see its a plain tunic dress, which looks so pretty with the color blocked detail! I just wish they would have put a different jacket on her, like a plaid jacket or something, since the plaid is only used once in the collection, so far (Still pieces to come, I’m sure). I just feel like that jacket’s print was randomly thrown in, like an after thought. But don’t listen to me yet, I’m sure I’ll be posting about the rest of the garments in the collection, soon.

Question: Have you seen the weird garment lengths this season? I love Proenza Schouler to death, but some of these lengths are questionable:

It’s all so very “WTH”, the styles are BEYOND covetable, but the length is my main issue (except for the last dress photo I posted). There are a lot of women who aren’t as tall as the girls on the runway, and wouldn’t want to draw attention to that with garments that accentuate their short calves, especially at that length, it cuts you off at the legs and makes you look shorter than you really are (So I’ve learned in my studies). But then again, there are many women who are as tall as the glamazons on the runway, so its pretty much toss of the coin who really utilizes this collection. I absolutely love the jackets and shirts, the tops aren’t an issue, it’s the crazy length shorts, skirts, and dresses. Either way, in all honesty, its a pretty collection; Very fluid, very masculine. I liked it…Its just that length that’s driving me up the wall.

And this sweater coat, which I need in my life very soon, is TomBoy perfection!

(All Proenza Schouler photos via Refinery 29)

Well, that’s all for today, I know my thoughts seem a little sporadic, I’ve been a little scatter-brained today. I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll be posting my plan for TOTAL Balenciaga take over, quite soon. I have some thoughts about a collection I’d like to show with His name. (Did you see the capital “H”? Did you get it?)



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