Balenciaga Fall 2011 Review

Nicholas Ghesquiere showed interesting silhouettes in this season’s collection. The traditional cocoon coat, the lax dresses and the towering high heels seemed all too familiar. The show opened with an interesting take on the puffer jacket. Nicholas fashioned giant pieces of faux leather into a sort of knit fabric, creating a thick shell. A lot of these looks were accompanied with what looked like pleated skirts with a slight flare at the knee. Personally, the skirt seemed to swallow up the models and add a little more hip than the usual body skimming Ghesquiere skirt. To no surprise, Nicholas had strapped his girls into towering spike heeled shoes to strut with; They were fantastic! What was interesting were the bags that he showed! Nicholas hasn’t shown bags on the runway since 2009 Spring during the “alien” collection (personal favorite). Some of the fabric used on the bags that were shown matched those of the skirts and puffer jackets. There were lizards and flowers on some bags, and knitted leather on others. Nicholas did of course peek through the archives again this season. This season Nicholas copied a technique Cristobal Balenciaga used back in the 50s. Cristobal Balenciaga created a dress covered entirely in black plastic rectangular beads. Through a quick view, the beads give the effect of sequins, but it also give the effect of a sort of armor, that Nicholas is so fond of. Nicholas showed lax dresses with pleats and smock like coats. The coats had a similar sleeve effect that Prada used in their Spring 2010 presentation; as if the sleeves have been thoroughly starched. Some of the dresses has interesting sleeve details; the right side would have a sleeve while the left side went bare. The pleating Nicholas is so fond of was gorgeous this season. While the girls walked the runway you could catch a glint of the quilted gold fabric laying underneath, sort of a peekaboo effect. Over all I absolutely adored this collection, Nicholas stopped pushing the boundaries of fashion for a season and just showed everyone something mondane in a new state. Sort of breathing new life into the common garments we are so used to seeing.

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  1. Trish says:

    It is great to see you blogging. I loved your post. Hope to see more of your comments soon!!!

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