Brief life history

My name is Eddie, I’m a fashion student at El Paso Community College, working my tail off to make it to my dream job, Balenciaga. It’s not a big dream, it’s just a dream you need to work hard for. I love learning and seeing different flat pattern techniques to create unique styles and fits.

I’m currently working on my line, Cosme; Its my middle name – It’s Latin for “cosmos” or “stars”, as in, reach for them. I’m a very minimal designer, I get a lot of inspiration from the (40s-60s) science fiction and horror films. I use stiff textiles to achieve good fit and interesting pattern designs. I use unique lines to accentuate the body by drawing the eye to the slimmer parts of the figure. I don’t believe in creating extravagant garments for women, in my opinion, those are for women who are impressing women. I’m dressing a woman who wants to impress both men and women – To show men what their missing in their lives, and to show women what they’re missing in their wardrobe.

I’m constantly reinventing my line, from sketch to sketch, I’m creating garments that my target customer will appreciate, each garment with a different look to suit any and all occasions she’s attending – From street wear with day-glo Tyvek jackets and black skirts to dresses with structured shoulders and high necklines. I experiment with the extreme-isms of minimalism, I know it doesn’t make sense now, but keep an eye on me and you’ll get the hang of it.



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