My company’s rationale

Cosme (name of clothing line) isn’t just a clothing line, it is an entity driven towards innovation and quality. Cosme is a brand that thrives on its customers individuality and thirst for fashion. This company is built on the premise of selling more than clothing, we are selling a lifestyle. Women want to feel strong, and that’s what we offer them. Every time a woman wears out garments, we are unleashing a powerful force onto the concrete jungle!

Our garments are recognized for intriguing design and fit. We offer sex appeal, beauty, and empowerment without vulgarities. What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to keep connected with our customer; we are constantly taking suggestions from our customer, creating looks they will want to wear, and potentially increasing sales. Our dresses are our most popular item, our unique shape, line, and fit keeps our customer’s attention.

The aesthetic of this company is fairly minimal. We don’t believe in embroideries or adornments; we as a team believe that our value should be weighted in craft, and skill, not in beads and feathers.


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Collection Inspiration has SHIFTED

I know I said I was drawing inspiration from Chinese foot binding (Grotesque, I know) and it was going really well, but I’ve moved into a new direction! And it is going amazingly well. I’m drawing inspiration from the primitive (ity?) of our early human counterparts and creating something that is organic and familiar, and slowly segueing into a more structured design.

I started thinking of the cactus thorn, how if you pull it the right way, a thread-like matter will follow the thorn, creating a needle and thread. Which made me think of out earlier ancestors; how they wore their garments. Primitives wore skins ambiguously; no real shape, no structure to it, just as long as it was on their bodies. I loved the idea of a relaxed silhouette; sac backed dresses and simplified fitting devices.

…As the collection progresses, garments fit closer to the body, more body conscious, symbolizing our comprehension of architecture. It can also be seen as our reliance on technology, the more involved we get, and the tighter the grip it has on us. It reminds me of blown glass, or the pyramids of Giza, you can see the beauty and the hard work put into it; a tortured effect of simplicity and underlying painstaking craftsmanship.

The idea is that we as people came from something primitive, and easy, and how we’ve now become so involved in progressing that we’ve caught ourselves up in technology….

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” ~Albert Einstein

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In Conjunction…

I’ve been given a project from a class of mine that requires me to post information about a collection I am creating. And I’d like to start with a few colors that I’ve been drawn to for a segment of my line. My line has 4 sections, and the colors I’m going to post are for the final group.

I’ve really been drawn to soft tone purples, metallics, and neutrals.

The colors I am using are all Pantone colors.
The colors’ names are as followed (Clockwise from left):
12-1209 Soft Pink
12-4803 Ice
14-5002 Silver
16-1325 Copper
13-3406 Orchid Ice
18-4432 Turkish Tile
19-3731 Parachute Purple
13-3805 Orchid Hush

My inspiration came from a photo of Elsa Lanchester when she acted in Bride of Frankenstein.
I was really drawn by her face and the way her garment was constricting. This somehow brought me to foot binding, which was a sign of beauty. I really want to use fabrics in a constricting way to give that idea of beauty through a handicap.

And the colors came from a photo I stumbled along; I found it to be quite stunning. I’m still in the starting stages, but I’m sure I know what angle I’m going in.

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Marina and the Diamonds!

I love this woman! She’s got the perfect shape! She’s got a small waist, but keeps her curve. I love her to death. This is her latest music video, Oh No!
I have this CD on my iTunes, and I thought I’d share this woman with all of you.

Another reason why I’m blogging about her is because in this music video she wears some pretty popular designers.

In the opening, she is in a multi-pink dress with white stripes by House of Holland! I think she looks great in, by the way!

Later on in the video, she’s sitting at a desk reading a newspaper/magazine wearing a dress with countries drawn all over them, which is a Castelbajac piece! AMAZING! He’s well known for sequin shift dresses with AMAZING sequin work on them.

The next one is a gold dress that you don’t see much of, that too is a Castelbajac, and its actually a credit card! A gold card I believe!

She’s wearing a red bandage dress, and I have no idea who designed it, if you know, PLEASE, let me know. I’m curious.

IN the next scene following the couch scene, Marina is playing with a box of cereal in a jacket and pant(?) combo, which is another House of Holland piece, which was also featured in La Roux’s music video, Bulletproof.

Later on, about 30 seconds later, Marina is laying on the floor with money falling around her in a sequin dollar bill dress. Well, that too is a Castelbajac! Man, this woman knows how to dress.

Well, there’s my rant! If you can name the other garments, let me know. I’ve watched the video 21209102901 times! I hope you enjoy it!


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Balenciaga Resort 2011

I haven’t posted in a while.

Let’s start. So, a couple weeks ago, I saw the new Balenciaga collection. I LOVED IT!
I read that Nicolas was inspired by Cristobal’s designs he did for some airline stewardesses – really neat. He used a lot of stretch fabrics and suiting techniques. As well as suits, Nicolas designed pants with full legs, as well as skirts with a wide hems. In a combination, there were suits that were slouchy from shoulder to heel, they looked like astronaut suits, I loved it. The prints he used were very deco, in 70s hues and in abundance. One more thing, the SKIRTS!! Some of the shorter skirts had an interesting hemline, it was peaked! Well, enough chatter, here are some photos.

All pictures are from

Oh! By the way, Couture shows started this week. I saw Chanel’s show already, and parts of Givenchy. I’ll be looking for photos tomorrow, I’ll post a couple points of interest. Balenciaga SERIOUSLY needs to start doing couture. Its been 50 years!


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Glory over Substance

I was thinking about this the other day, I was once told that when becoming a designer, you don’t usually design for money, you design for the creative aspect. I believe this wholeheartedly. My goal in life is to be known for my work, not my pay check. I’ve met people who’ve bought it all and who’ve seen it all, but I still think, “how hollow”. You’ve seen the world, you’ve bought the fancy cars, but when you pass on, you’ve left nothing but an estate auction of your prized possessions. I want my work to “transcend” who I am. Designers like Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and Mme. Gris have left their mark on the world – they’re even in text books and museums! That’s what I want, I don’t want to design and make crazy amounts of money. I want to design so that when I’m gone, there will be people who remember my work and who are still looking for designs I’ve left behind.

You’re wondering what my point is in this?

“If you were to die yesterday, what mark would you leave behind?”

I want my work to be in museums and in text books, ambitious, I know, but if you don’t reach for the sky, what are you reaching for? I understand that there are billions of fashion labels that are created and never make it off the ground, and no one will remember their name, but that’s what my mission is – to become something greater. I was also told that if you ever want to be remembered, make an impression, become something unique enough to be referenced, but still great enough to be desired even after you’re gone.

I’ve seen the world too, I’ve been everywhere around Europe, I have designer labels, and I have a fairly terrific lifestyle, but the difference between me and the people I stated earlier is that I know that that is not what I’m going to be remembered for. They won’t be in museums for their wealth of money, but I will, with my wealth in talent.

In the end, I want to be remembered by the scholars, old designers, young designers such as myself, retailers, manufacturers, museums, the fashion enthused average, and yes, even the people who are richer in substance than in glory.


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Balenciaga Fall-Winter 2010/2011 and Alexander Mcqueen’s Final Collection Being Sold

First, allow me to apologize for the lack of blog postings, spring break swept me away, without a computer. Ugh!

Well, let’s get started. Balenciaga – This collection was pretty great! I enjoyed it all, the shoes, the outfits, everything. Nicholas said that he got inspiration from house hold things, like plastic bags, newspapers, and so on. I found it interesting that he can find inspiration in the simplest of things and turn it into something that translates us to another world. He got the inspiration for his shoes from Formica, a kitchen counter laminate! They looked like cut minerals, something complex but still primitive (and a little heavy). He made fur jackets with fur backs, I’ve seen it before, so that wasn’t too big of a shock. The shock was the jumpsuits (I think) that were made to unzip from the waist to make a whole another dimension protruding from the girls stomache, I found it incredible! As well as the caped and cocooned looks he used to keep the Balenciaga tradition. I loved the quilted leathers, the full skirts, and the “new look” used on the shape of the sweater. He referred back to the past, acknowledging Cristobal, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Chanel – I saw those references in this collection, the idea of looking effortless and timeless, in Balenciaga’s tradition. As well as the sexuality of a woman in Dior, and Chanel’s ability to make anything look like it could be worn in any other time period. I loved the technique used on the fur, the fur waist and the fur backs. He also used this really interesting technique on a grey sweater, it looked like the shirt onderneath showed through the material in little star bursts, It might have been a print, but I couldn’t see that closely, I just play the runway show on repeat (L0SER).

On the final note, today I found out that Saks Fifth Avenue has purchased Alexander Mcqueen’s final collection, I mean, entire collection – All 16 pieces! The price ranges from $12,000 to $50,000 dollars! I’m not positive if they’re going to be manufactured, or if there’s ONLY going to be 16 pieces created, but either way, I’m sure Saks is going to be used the collection as a way to draw customers to see the collection and maybe buy a couple little things on the way out. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Well, that’s all for today, I’ll post tomorrow, hopefully, if I find something interesting.


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